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nt return, but the better newer f

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This past fall, the shoes—along with a ton of hard work and training—helped Kipchoge almost reach that potential with a time of 2:00:25. And non-elite runners are all using the consumer versions to chase down their running gNike Air Vapormax Mujeroals. And Nike’s not the only company working on suNike Air Max 90 Womensper fast shoes. Last year, rival Adidas released its own racing shoe, the Adizero Sub2, also specifically designed to break that two hour marathon barriwww.djim.frer.
But those shoes are meant for race day. Nearly all elite, and many novice runners as well, train in an entirely different sneaker. According to Nike, elite runners like Kipchoge, wanted a training shoe whose energy return and bounce resembled that of the Vaporfly Elite that he races in but without the extra spring of the carbon fiber plate. With that as inspiration, Nike built on its long standing shoe, the Pegasus—a sneaker first introduced in 1983 that was meant for every runner. There’s been countless renditions of the Pegasus shoe since then, including the most recent Pegasus 35 that went on sale last month.But the newest incarnation—dubbed the Pegasus Turbo—which goes oNike Air Max Vision Womensn sale starting August 2, contains the ZoomX midsole foam, the same kind that sits inside the Zoom Vaporfly 4 percent and the custom Vaporfly elite racing shoes, but without www.josielloyd.co.ukthe springboard curved carbon plate. According to Nike’s testing, the foam is the company’s fastest yet, delivering an 85 percent energy return with each stride. That’s among the highest around. Brooks Runnings’ fastest in its newest foam, the Levitate, comes in at around 70 percent. Traditional foams made from a plastic called EVA typically reach 50 to 60 percent return, but the better newer foams typically hit 70 plus percent return.With each foot strike to the pavement, a runner transfers energy into the shoe. That energy gets absorbed by the shoe’s cushioning, pushing it down. When the runner lifts her foot up, the cAdidas NMD Womensushioning re-expands and sends some Nike Air Max 90 Mujerof that absorbed energy back. The more energy returned, the bouncier and springier the shoe will feel. And each percentage point counts as runners can typically feel a distinctAdidas NMD Womensive difference in energy return even as low as a 1 to 2 percent change. But energy return isn’t everything. Even if a shoe had 100 percent energy return, all its doing is giving you back the energy you put in, it’s not generating new forms of energy. The ZoomX midsole foam is also incredibly light with the men’s entire size 10 shoe weighing in at 8.4 ounces and the women’s 8 at 6.9 ounces. For comparison, that’s heavier than the elite Zoom Vaporfly 4 percent, but incredibly light when compared to most running shoes on the market.The Pegasus Turbo also has a heel collar that’s designed to curve away from the Achilles tendon, whNike Air Max 90 Femmeich claims to prevent rubbinafivol.frg and irritation in that area. When I tried them, I definitely felt no rubbing or pressure in that area, but that’s rarely a place where I have trouble in any running shoe I’m in. The upper part has a translucent mesh with Nike Flywire cables that do make your foot feel secure in the shoe.The rubber outsole also has small waffle pistons that are meant to absorb impact and provide traction.

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