challenging the sneaker status q

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challenging the sneaker status q

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It was announced at Paris Fashion Week in February and launched online in March. It’s hitting brick-and-mortar stores later this month, and this new round will be curated by Sarah Andelman — the famed Nike Air Max 270 Damen co-founder of Paris’s Colette, Nike Air Max 95 Donne the concept Adidas Superstar Femme store (1997–2017, RIP) that arguably kicked off the modern, nonstop proliferation of brand collaborations, crossovers, and general hype.
It’s 2018, Nike is trying to include women in sneaker culture, and this is news. How’d we get here? Why does it matter? Has it actually been unclear whether women have feet?
In a February press release, Nike itself laid the problem out fairly bluntly: “As Nike Air Force 1 Donne sneakers transcended sport and initiated Nike Air Huarache Femme street-style trends, collaboration became an integral component of sneaker culture, blossoming into a symbiotic relationship between brands and external creative communities. That community has been predominantly male.”The “community” Nike is referencing is the $20 billion global sneaker industry, which has grown alongside the evolution of sneakers from a utility object Nike Air Max 90 Mujer to a fashion statement. Historically, it’s been all about boys. This includes big brands like Nike, but also the big blogs — like Kevin Ma’s Hypebeast media empire and Marc Ecko’s similarly enormous Complex — and the shoppers and the redditors and the $1 billion resale market and the scammers and the icons. Nike’s signature Jordan brand was designed exclusively by men from its advent in 1984 all the way up to 2010, when artist and www.laboamberieu.fr filmmaker Vashtie Kola became Nike Air Max Tn Damen the first woman to design an iteration of the shoe.
“In pushing new female voices, Nike is challenging the sneaker status quo,” Nike claims in its press release. But women already have their own sneaker communities. There are thousands of them in the women’s streetwear subreddits. They’re largely influenced less by the major blogs and more by their own, slightly less high-profile Nike Air Max 90 Donne Nero heroes like designer Aleali May, Small Feet Big Kicks founder Jess Gavigan, and streetwear vloggers like Jennifer Tiffany, Andrea Kyriacou, Karen Yeung, Julia Dang, and Maya Nilsen.It’s not that women don’t participate en masse; it’s that participating is harder because brands have largely ignored them. The biggest pain point for women in sneaker culture is that the most coveted shoes often aren’t even made in their sizes.
While Nike Air Max 90 Donne Rosa all major brands have women’s sizes in certain styles, many of the most popular classic styles and almost all buzzy, limited-edition collaborations come only in men’s sizes. (For example, Tyler, the Creator’s many GOLF le FLEUR* collaborations, the majority of Virgil Abloh’s Nike projects, most limited-edition Nike Jordans, almost all of Kanye West’s Yeezy styles, and dozens of others.) Women find themselves Nike Air Max 95 Femme left out of the major “drops” that hyped-up teen boys get to celebrate, or — as a patch solve — they wind up buying the largest possible kid sizes in boys shoes, which are often made with cheaper materials.

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